Frontline Angel

NGIBA_2017_Winner_HiRes_RVFrontline Angel takes its readers from 1940s Wisconsin to the Philippine Islands just prior to World War 2 and through the Japanese occupation and liberation. It tells the tale of Eliza-a small-town Midwestern girl with dreams of travel and adventure who enlists with the United States Army Nurse Corps despite her parents’ protests. Eliza will find the fun and adventure she desired as well as an unexpected romance with a handsome soldier.  Yet all changes overnight as war destroys her tropical paradise.  Our heroine must quickly adapt in order to survive the harsh, unforgiving jungle climate, and become a skilled combat nurse on the frontline. The story will take you from the fall of the islands through the terrible conditions suffered by those placed in internment camps and their struggle for liberation.  Can Eliza find the strength and courage needed to survive such horror and still emerge with her spirit unbroken?

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Author, Nurse, Mom and Dog Lover