Brothers in Blue: Max by Jeanne St. James

Brothers in Blue: Max (Brothers in Blue, #1)Brothers in Blue: Max by Jeanne St. James
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Brothers in Blue: Max by Jeanne St. James tells the story of Amanda, an attractive young woman who is lacking direction in her life. She hails from Miami where she spent most of her time basking in the sun, partying, and being controlled by her money-hungry domineering mother. Amanda couldn’t imagine how quickly what she thought she valued most in her life would change when within the span of two years she loses her estranged father and now her step-mother. To top it off she learns she is the only living family of her developmentally disabled twenty-two-year-old brother, Greg and has been tasked with caring for him.

So, Amanda trades in her flip flops and bikinis for sweaters and boots and leaves for Manning Grove, Pennsylvania. Quiet, chilly, small town Manning Grove couldn’t be more different than the sunny, vibrant cultural city she just left. However, Amanda is determined to try and do her best for the brother she is about to meet but also hopes to find a way to bring him back to Miami.

What Amanda wasn’t expecting was a run in with the law on the second day of her new adventure. When she is given a parking ticket by the dark, handsome, and rugged Office Max Bryson as mad as she was she knew she would never forget him. Max is the epitome of a manly man. A former marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq and now a third generation Manning Grove police officer he takes serving and protecting very seriously. Max also has a soft spot for Amanda’s brother which is quite endearing.

Max is immediately attracted to Amanda’s looks and her spirit, however, is by no means looking for anything serious. Especially with a woman who at first glance seems very immature and self-involved. The story continues to chronicle the developing relationship of Amanda and Max, the growing relationship she has with Greg, and also introduces several more delightful characters including Max’s mother, father, brothers, and the town’s very colorful hair dresser, Teddy.

The story was a very fun read with a great mix of plot and steamy romance with well-developed characters. If you are looking to escape life for a few blissful hours with a quick, spicy read then I would definitely recommend Brothers in Blue: Max and I am looking forward to reading future stories from this series and others from Author Jeanne St. James.

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