Black Diamond by Ja’Nese Dixon

Black DiamondBlack Diamond by Ja’Nese Dixon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Black Diamond by Ja’Nese Dixon is a contemporary suspenseful romance that brings readers two central characters who are both internally struggling with their careers and their love lives. Camille Blackwell is smart, beautiful, strong and determined—she’s also an undercover FBI agent. She has lost lovers and friends to putting her career first. Camille has struggled to achieve the success she’s had in the white, male-dominated field and doesn’t want to compromise her hard work for romance.
Into her life strolls the handsome and confident Marc Fulton, a seasoned CIA agent who was really just looking for a vacation and a chance to think, but instead finds himself helping Camille as a favor to a friend. However, Camille doesn’t want or think she needs his help.

We discover that Camille has been working undercover for two whole years trying to get close to the private records of the International Jewelry Distribution Company or IJDC. The further Camille moves up the ranks of the company the closer she gets to the truth—a truth that could put her life in peril. With Marc’s help, Camille dives into the dangerous world of blood diamonds where greed, power and violence are enslaving entire villages throughout parts of the world. Camille understands what’s at stake and she won’t stop for anything until she can reveal the dark secrets of IJDC.

Black Diamond is intense, action packed while adding in that bit of necessary heat between Camille and Marc. What neither expected was the intense attraction they instantly felt for each other. We learn that they both have had heartbreaking experiences in their past loves and neither believes they are ready for a real commitment. Can an FBI and a CIA agent cross the bureaucratic line drawn in the sand, forgive their pasts, and find love?

Dixon also introduces multiple other characters that add interest and intrigue to the story. I learned a great deal about the horrors of the “blood diamond” market. The storyline was well developed, the characters were complex, and the pace of the story was fast and exciting. If I had any critique it would be that Camille seemed to cry a bit too much for an FBI agent but that might be my own assumptions of what an agent should be. Overall, this was a fantastic read. I had a hard time setting the book down and stayed up way later than I should have finishing it. I highly recommend reading Black Diamond and I look forward to reading more by Ja’Nese Dixon.

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