Finding Inspiration in Success & Disappointment

In recent weeks I’ve had some successes and some disappointments. Although any new author knows the reality that making it big (think JK Rowling or Stephen King) is one in a million chance (or less), it doesn’t stop you from dreaming about the day you can quit your day job and do something you really, really love full-time. Well, obviously I’m not there now and who knows if I ever will be but I’m going to keep trying.

In regards to some successes I had a really great time at my hometown Holiday Bazaar. I didn’t know if people would want to talk about books while out shopping for their holiday crafts but to my delight many did. It was great to see people I knew and feel their support as well as meet new friends. Being that my novel is set during WWII there were heartwarming and sad stories from visitors about family and friends they knew that had been involved in various conflicts. One lady even brought me to tears when she spoke of her friend who had been a nurse in the South Pacific and passed away about a year ago.

Another success came when my publisher sent me an email midway through a Kindle special they were running on Frontline Angel. He informed me that Frontline Angel had already been downloaded over 11,000 times. Keep in mind it was a free special so there was no financial gain (so, yes, still headed to my day job tomorrow) but no matter what it is pretty cool that so many people even think they might want to read it.

Now on to the disappointments…I had a recent blow to my spirits when a very close friend of mine learned that a dream of his that he had put years of sweat, blood, tears and savings into was suddenly being ripped away from him and torn apart. Unfortunately, I have to be a little vague on the details but needless to say it broke my heart and put me into a bit of a funk. In speaking with him since the event I have gained a new perspective on my life. What is here one day may not be here the next and that is so true. It inspired me to give more focus and expend more energy into what makes me happy-reading and writing.

So, I set out on a new journey to try and somehow find more time for those activities. While not an easy task to change around the schedule I felt it had to be done. However, in my funk, I found myself suffering from a bit of writer’s block while trying to work on my next novel so instead decided to dive into reading. I also joined several amazing author groups and have begun to form relationships that I hope will turn into mentorships and eventual friendships. What better way to work on these relationships and learn to be better at my craft than to read these authors’ works and interview them? With that thought my next journey began and now I’m completely in love with reviewing books and interviewing authors. And the best part is that my newfound excitement has started to loosen my writer’s block and I have now added 3 more scenes to my next novel. I might actually finish this thing one day!

I wish you all the time and energy to focus on what you love. Happy holidays to all!


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