Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…Except When You Have To.

Last time I announced that Frontline Angel had found a new home with publisher, Black Rose Writing.  Life has been a whirlwind of activity since.  The original print date was planned for December 1st so imagine my surprise when I was contacted and asked to move the release date up to October 20th.  Great news!  However, the new deadline ended any hope of relaxing evenings snuggling on the couch with my honey after finally getting three little boys to bed. Instead, I was tasked to barrel through another two rounds of edits, finished up my author bio (not too lengthy yet), and a whole bunch of other tasks.  Happily, I checked task after task off my list.

Now I’ve come to the cover design.  This was the part that I was probably most excited about in the process.  Finally, a chance to work with a real artsy-type designer.  Other than writing I don’t consider myself to have a creative bone in my body.

First I’ll give a little background on the original Frontline Angel cover. I needed one before the e-book could be published.  I went to work on collecting items I thought would be meaningful and look good.  I was able to get my husband’s grandfather’s actual combat boots from WWII.  My high school Spanish and drama teacher was kind enough to loan me a nurse’s costume from when they performed South Pacific (a musical that took place on a South Pacific island during WWII).  In the end the cover didn’t showcase any human forms and was pretty plain, but it did have special meaning to me and my family.

frontlineangeloriginalcover (original cover)

Naturally I had really high expectations of falling madly in love with my new cover.  So, when I received the first proposal I was surprised to feel so disappointed…and judgmental.  The woman on the cover wasn’t at all what I envisioned.  I felt she didn’t portray the strength of the Army nurses and to be perfectly honest (I feel really guilty saying this) she was quite homely.  Why did I picture the heroine of my story as attractive?  Human nature I suppose.  I guess I’m not quite brave enough to trust in the old adage of  ‘Not judging a book by its cover.’  I try to keep in mind that this was only the first proposal but with a timeline fast approaching I’m hoping we get it right soon.  So if you’ll allow me another clique in this blog, it’s back to the drawing board for Frontline Angel!

(new cover to be determined)

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