The Journey of Frontline Angel

Exciting news!  Frontline Angel is going to press with my new publisher, Black Rose Writing.  It’s been a long journey that started 10 years ago when I was encouraged by a professor in college to read a story about an incredible group of nurses that served in the frontline of battle and were imprisoned during WWII. Trust me, that was not the norm of the times for women.  After reading that true story I was hooked. I started reading as many pieces of nonfiction that I could get my hands on about those amazing nurses and other military members that served in the Pacific Theater.  A heroine and her story began to grow in my mind over time and I finally had to answer her call to come to life.  What had taken nearly 7 years to research took about 3 months to write a first draft.  From there the story of Frontline Angel certainly doesn’t end but I think that’s enough for today.


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